View Your HOS Violations

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A red exclamation User-added image on the Logs screen indicates that your log has an Hours of Service Violation or a Form and Manner Error. Learn how to view your Hours of Service Violations for that day by following the steps below:
View Your HOS Violations
1. From the Logs screen, select the day you would like to view with the red exclamation User-added image.
User-added image

2. The violation will be indicated by a red line on your log graph. You can see when a violation occurred by tapping on the specific HOS violation that is listed below the graph.
User-added image

Note: Violations that are indicated within your KeepTruckin App depend on the Cycle Rule selected for your account. If you want to switch your Cycle Rule, learn how to set up a Secondary Cycle Rule by clicking here.

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